An alternative to rankings

This is a search engine to help find matches from 5004 PhD programs in the United States given their actual performance. Think of this as choosing a flight (or just viewing flights) based on the latest information available, which includes actual delays or perhaps even early arrivals and departures rather than how we might hope flight schedules would look like in an ideal world. Morever, perhaps if enough people use this tool, these "flight schedules" might actually get closer to ideal.

Another interesting feature of this project is that we are also experimenting with empowering users to control their own frames, framing effects and all, thus perhaps allowing users to self-nudge or notice irrational discrepancies in their mental state which they might consider correcting, see here (esp. p.4) and here (esp. p.103). That's what this part of our user interface is all about: We think this is especially important not so much for fears of irrationality but so that your frame doesn't end up getting controlled by someone else who is in a potential conflict of interest with you or who is not in the best position to look out for your interests (or perhaps cannot do so alone without your help).

Will Braynen
August 2013
Stanford University